Hello and Welcome to DTriQ.com!

The penname DTriQ is actually a pseudonym used to sign art work. It is a phonetic spelling of his real first name, Dietrich.



DTriQ is an artist who currently lives and works in Denver, Colorado. He studied Art/New Media at San Jose State University, California from 2002 to 2004 followed by a few years of personal enrichment courses in 3D Modeling at Junior Colleges. Work became a priority and DTriQ left the academic life to pursue a professional career as a CAD Draftsman for a Structural Engineering Firm in 2007.

Pen & Ink in Sketchbook was the medium of choice for most of DTriQ’s early artwork through the 1990’s & 2000’s. None of those original drawings will be featured on this website. Instead, this Gallery picks up in September of 2012 when DTriQ began creating digital illustrations using a smartphone & tablet on the App, “Draw Something” which is an online drawing & guessing game like Pictionary. The tool and color palette in the App are simplistic which enables illustrations to be drawn loose, fast, & colorful. Over the course of 2 years DTriQ created about 600 digital illustrations. After a careful selection process, only the best of those images have been chosen to be displayed in this Online Art Gallery.

Each illustration usually takes only a few minutes to complete without the use of layers or editing of any kind. For this reason, the expression of the piece is captured in a sort of freehand stylized way. It is with this website that DTriQ hopes to reach an audience that appreciates his technique.


DTriQ welcomes your feedback and suggestions. If a particular image captures your interest, please use the contact email to write him a message.